Instructions for New Members

Every new member of Stella Nova should follow the instructions detailed below upon joining our alliance.

  1. Register on the alliance websites.
  2. Sign up for TeamSpeak.
  3. Sign up for Slack.
  4. Join us at our base.
  5. Review the final instructions

Register on the and Alliance Website

After you join our alliance as a member of any of our corporations, it will take up to an hour for that information to be reflected in our API. Wait that time and then follow these steps:

  1. Create a new full API key using the link available on Stella Nova signup page.
  2. Enter the key ID and verification code into the registration form and complete the registration process. By completing this, you will have access to corporation-level content on the website

Register on Stella Nova TeamSpeak

We use TeamSpeak 3 to talk to each other while playing the game.

  1. On the Stella Nova website, go to your account page.
  2. Click the TeamSpeak tab.
  3. Download and install Team Speak 3 from the link shown there.
  4. In the TS3 client, go to Bookmarks menu / Add Bookmarks. Enter the following details:
    • Label: Stella Nova
    • Address: as shown on the TeamSpeak registration page.
    • Nickname: the username shown on the registration page (including the corporation tag, e.g. [GRRKA] for Running with Dogs)
    • Click OK to save the bookmark.
  5. Go to Bookmarks menu again and pick Stella Nova. This will connect you to our server.
  6. While being connected to TeamSpeak, click the Register button on the TeamSpeak registration page. The website will locate you and assign you the necessary roles, so you can connect to our non-public channels and talk to us. If you have any issues completing the registration, move yourself to the Help channel and wait there until someone is available to assist you.

Register on Stella Nova Slack

Slack is our out-of game chat solution. Go to your profile and follow the instructions on the Slack tab to send yourself an invitation.

You will get an email invitation to Slack. When you receive it accept the invitation and then follow these instructions:

  1. As soon as you have recieved an invite email, click on Join Stella Nova Alliance.
  2. Set your username to the same one as your main Eve character name (use _ for spaces, since spaces are not allowed).
  3. Set a password.
  4. Click Next. (You have now joined the default public channels.)
  5. Either do or skip the tutorial.
  6. Type: /rainbot auth (anywere in any channel)
  7. Click on the given link.
  8. Login with your EVE credentials. (You are logging on the EVE Online website and we don't see your username or password.)
  9. Select the EVE character you want to have affiliated with Slack, i.e. your main character. The character needs to be a member of our alliance.
  10. EVE Online server will redirect you to a page which will show you if you have been successfully authorized to use our restricted Slack channels. If yes, then within Slack, you will be invited to a selection of private channels, like our main alliance chat.

Join Us at Our Base

Our null sec base is in Q-NA5H FORT We run a logistics service from hi-sec which will move your ships using jump freighters. Do not attempt to fly to us in anything expensive.

Final Instructions

  1. We will publish regular updates to our members on the alliance website. Stay up to date with the news so you don't miss out on interesting activities!
  2. Check your mail, calendar and the alliance message of the day every time you log in.
  3. Be on TeamSpeak whenever you play the game. That way you will always know what is going on.
  4. Our alliance can sometimes be at war. You can be attacked by war targets even in high sec. You should avoid traveling in high-sec under an active wardec so get ready as quickly as you can and join us in fighting our real enemies in nullsec.
  5. Avoid flying industrial ships in hisec or lowsec on an alliance character. We have a logistics service that can bring your ships to nullsec. That should help you minimize unnecessary losses.

When you are in Alliance go to this page for instructions on your final registration steps please do the final registration without delay