Corporation Recruitment

STELLA NOVA ALLIANCE [SNOVA] is looking for PVP Corps to come and join us on our unfolding adventure in null sec.  We are currently having great fun fighting in surrounding regions to our home in Scalding Pass & Wicked Creek.

We own sov for content and resources and we're  dedicated to PvP

Alliance leadership has been flying together for a long time, and are also veterans of the Halloween War, so we bring a lot of experience to the table.

We are having a great time with the new sov using both small/medium gang hit and run tactics and larger set piece battles to achieve objectives and create content.

Member of the Vanguard Coalition  : often on combat deployments and in the thick of War

What we offer your Corp is focus, a common purpose with the other Corps in the growing Stella Nova family, that will inspire your members and put the spark back into EVE. 

We offer you the chance to be the best PvP Corp you can be.

What can we do for you?

Deliver alliance infrastructure to support your Corp achieve its vision and goals:

  • TS3 server
  • Alliance website for you to showcase your corp
  • Access to alliance Fleet-Up with convenient view of currently used PvP doctrines
  • Access to out of game social networking channels (currently we use Slack) for team building, planning and training
  • Logistics support to and from hi sec

Support your PvP activites to keep your blood thirsty members happy:

  • We have home bases in Scalding/Wicked Creek
  • Access to adoining regions for daily PvP
  • Often on PvP deployments to ensure continuous content
  • Assess to daily fleets from small gang to Corp/Alliance/Coalition fleets
  • PvP for Cap and Blops pilots
  • Alliance & Coalition level SRP programme

Friendly and supportive environment where team work is encouraged but the indentity of our individual Corps is respected

Support for Isk making for members and Corp:

  • Enable your members to make greak ISK in our own systems and in friendly systems with our blue allies
  • Provide safe systems to carry out all forms of Industry, Manufacture, PI, Mining etc. so your pilots can fund their PvP habit
  • A commitment to upgrade systems for both military and industrial use

We want you to keep your identity, independence and culture because we will come together as an 'alliance' of Corps. 

Friendly and supportive environment where team work is encouraged but the indentity of our individual Corps is respected

We are a no drama, grown up Alliance, welcoming diversity and making sure we have a healthy and fun environment for everyone who wants to join us. 

So if you want to know more then join our in game channel Stella Nova Alliance or contact Ruune en Gravonere or any of the Alliance diplo team via Eve mail or convo in game.

We will be flying dangerously into the exciting new future ahead for New Eden, will you join us?